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MIRINS Copenhagen offer natural products with many organic ingredients. All MIRINS products are preservative free and free of any synthetic additives and artificial perfumes. MIRINS Copenhagen products are developed using Herbalism and Aromatherapy. These natural practices enhance your mood, mind, body and well being. Their philosophy extends beyond the product to include the packaging. Each box or gift wrap is 100% biodegradable and of recycled materials, yet still retaining the beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic.

Jane, the owner and creator of MIRINS Copenhagen is a certified Aromatherapist and using her skills and passion she has created 4 signature blends in her collection. Intuition, Recharge, Calming and Happiness. Mother nature has provided the ingredients and MIRINS has synergised them to create, nourishing, uplifting scents for mind, body and soul. If you love all things natural and wish to enhance your well being and your home then pure and simple scents from MIRINS Copenhagen all handmade in small batches are the perfect natural product for you, your friends, family and your home. Harnessing the power of nature to enhance and restore your natural balance of mind body, spirit and home. 

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