Bathrooms need to be functional as well as relaxing and tranquil. We have selected a collection of designer bathroom accessories to bring some style and practical solutions for your bathroom. Beautiful quality organic cotton laundry baskets from Ferm LIVING to keep your laundry hidden or for storing your towels. Our hand crafted raffia storage baskets will keep all your bathroom bits and bobs looking tidy and easy to find.  For an individual look choose a mix of our Studio or Round dorm shelves for your lotions and potions. Individual wall or door hooks to add a personal touch for hanging those bathrobes on and an array of bathroom mats from Pappelina to keep your feet warm and add a touch of colour with patterns and designs to personalise your bathroom.

Brighten up your bathroom with our home accessories from classic monochromes to bold and bright colours and patterns, there’s something for everyone.

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