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Candle light is so important in the Nordic countries for creating warmth and light any time of year enhancing intimate, friendly, relaxing spaces. We have a great selection of candle holders from Iittala’s tealight holders, iconic Kastehelmi and Kivi votive designs made from Finnish handmade glass, from clear to a rainbow of glorious colours. A tall elegant candle holder from Danish Applicata in natural woods or wonderful painted finishes for a pop of colour. If you are looking for sleek sophistication then our Reflection candle holders from Stelton in polished finishes of stainless steel, brass and copper will give you that elegant, modern feel, they also come in soft curvaceous designs called Papilio which fit a range of pillar sized candles. Using metal for candle holders as a finish, like copper and polished steel, can give a real emphasis on the natural beauty of the candle and the flame as it reflects and shines to show a different design angle.

The little flicker of a flame from candles and tealights bring that extra cosy and intimate feeling whether for you and your family or when entertaining with your friends and the best way to enhance these is to place them in a quality designer candleholder. Whatever your look, there is a wonderful unusual candle holder to express your moods and to give as wonderful gifts that can be used again and again. 

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