Storage solutions with style are hard to find but we have a great collection with cool wooden pieces from Ferm Living to showcase your objects or little pieces, great in any room in your house. Handmade raffia baskets in cool funky colours that can be used alone or fit into units and can hold anything you like, such as magazines, books, hats scarves or toys and clothing too.

Great tins with fun and interesting designs for special things or for those who like to keep order be it in the kitchen, office, bedroom or shed they are individual and versatile. Iconic Unikko poppy designs from Marimekko and mystical Taika from Iittala always bring a smile when you go to your shelf or cupboard for those little things you hold dear.

There is no need to hide your storage away, you can display your great design storge solutions with pride.

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  8. Grey (8)
  9. Natural (3)
  10. Mint (1)
  11. Pale Pink (1)
  12. Rose (1)
  13. Natural Oak (1)
  14. Matt Polished Brass (2)
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  17. Dark blue / black and light grey denim (2)
  18. polished brass (1)
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  2. W30.6 x H15.6 x D14.6 cm (1)

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