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Asas Tomtebode was founded in 1993 in a little house in Ornaholm. All products are lovingly handmade with materials from nature and by the process ‘Tova’ which uses the curly hair from the Gotland sheep, unique to Sweden and mixes this with warm soapy water to make the felt used for the Tomte hats and noses. The Tomtar or Nisse have wonderful beards and hair, the straight beards are made from Icelandic sheep’s wool and come in a variety of shades and the curly ones from Gotland sheep’s wool. We have chosen a classic handmade style of these magical mythical folk which Scandinavian tradition believes are the spirit and protectors of the home, every Christmas Eve a bowl of porridge with butter on top is placed outside to show him thanks, if you forget to do this he may be a little mischievous and play tricks on you. Which Tomte will you choose to pass down through your family bringing a touch of joy to your celebrations & family traditions at Christmas time year after year?
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