Ayaida Drinks Bottles and Foodie Containers

Ayaida Drinks Bottles and Foodie Containers

A Danish owned family run business,  founded in 2018. The name is a combination of both of their daughters, Aya & Ida. They believe we can all benefit from a more responsible lifestyle, from our neighbours and friends to our planet and resources. All we need are the right products.

Aiyaida combine design, functionality and elegance in their products which are all connected to a mission -namely to relieve the planet from the excessive amounts of plastic waste. Aiyada also want to make a difference for people who do not have the same opportunities as they do in Denmark with their Ayaida Foundation, in association with Unicef.

The Ayaida drinks bottles and foodie containers are about extending the life cycle of a product in our homes or redeeming waste.

All the materials are selected to keep the customer healthy. They truly believe as a consumer and creator, even the smallest changes can make a big impact, even something as simple as choosing the right water bottle.

Ayaida's philosphy is, a products life cycle should be circular rather than linear. Products made from natural materials can live a long functional life and then return to where they came from, rather than landfill, making their products circular in ther use and sustainability for us and our planet.

Ayaida Foundation also donates 100 litres of clean water every time a bottle or Foodie is sold for all children around the world who are vulnerable and work with Unicef to fight for all children to be safe and healthy. They want to make a difference, you too are making a difference by supporting their mission. Together we can all, make a difference.

If you invest in an Ayaida drinks bottle or Foodie container, not only are you getting a high quality 18/8 stainless steel bottle for daily healthy use but you are also contributing to less plastic and waste to our planet and helping vulnerable children have access to clean fresh water. A circular and simple step that benefits many people and our planet too.

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