Ester & Erik Candles

Ester & Erik are an artisan, family business from Denmark, selling the best quality tapered, cone and pillar candles, along with an assortment of beautiful yet simple candleholders and candle snuffers. They have become world reknowned for their candles which have become highly sought after, luckily, here at Cloudberry Living, we hold large stocks ready for all occasions.

Cloudberry Living sell one of the widest ranges of Ester & Erik tapered candles to the UK and beyond, from just 1 candle to large amounts, many for large weddings and events by way of some of the best stylists in the UK.  Unique in the market for their huge selection of colours from soft pastels to vivid and bright colours, Ester & Erik candles are really the only option for that elegant look to finish off your table setting.

  • Family run business
  • Artisans using traditional candle making methods
  • High quality paraffin
  • Fabulous wide range of colours
  • 8 hour burn time on 32cm tapered candles
  • Smokeless burning, soot free
  • Non drip

Denmark has a strong tradition in using candles to create that “Hygge” feeling which means a warm, friendly atmosphere turning any occasion into something special. Due to their long dark days the Danish are renowned for their traditional, quality candle making.

Ester & Erik the company was created in 1987. Since then the candles have been made using the traditional immersion technique were each cotton wick is repeatedly dipped into hot paraffin of the highest quality. This creates a beautiful candle which is then coloured and finished in matte or lacquered by hand. This dipping method ensures exceptional quality, perfectly shaped candles that are non – drip and soot free, odourless plus they have an attractive slow burn with a clean, steady flame. Once the candles have burned down they extinguish themselves. Ester & Erik’s beautiful candles are pure quality & craftsmanship. Available in an array of stunning colours to ensure you create that wonderful “Hygge” feeling.

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