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Denmark has a strong tradition in using candles to create that “Hygge” feeling which means a warm, friendly atmosphere turning any occasion into something special. Due to their long dark days the Danish are renowned for their traditional, quality candle making. Ester & Erik was created in 1987 using the traditional immersion technique were each cotton wick is repeatedly dipped into hot paraffin of the highest quality. This creates a beautiful candle which is then coloured or lacquered by hand. This dipping method ensures exceptional quality, perfectly shaped candles that are non – drip, soot free, & odourless & have an attractive slow burn with a clean, steady flame. Once the candles have burned down they extinguish themselves. Ester & Erik’s beautiful candles are pure quality & craftsmanship. Available in an array of stunning colours to ensure you create that wonderful “Hygge” feeling.
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