Buy the best Scandinavian & designer gifts in the UK. 

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes but the best are the ones that you give and know they will be appreciated and will stand the test of time, not to be thrown out or re given. When you give your gift you want to know that the person receiving it will be pleased with what they are getting, so if you choose a designer gift, you know it is going to go down well. At Cloudberry Living you can choose from gifts that are for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom or living area. These can then be either individual, stand alone pieces or something that will compliment the recipients home interior colour and style. Whichever way you go, we have a fantastic selection of contemporary style gifts for you.

We stock a great range of luxury, contemporary designer gifts for all, from his and hers to kids and cooks and have collated these into their own category sections. Choose from contemporary dinnerware and glassware, all in modern styles to suit descerning recipients. Stylish and contemporary soft furnishings like cushions, lambswool and cotton chenille throws and blankets for adults and children alike. Home accessories such as candle holders, candles, vases and decoative bowls will all be great individual presents. 

Cloudberry Living prides itself on our Scandinavian designer gifts from brands like Marimekko, Iittala, Ferm Living, Stelton and Skandinavisk to name a few. These will be perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, new homes and for wedding lists.

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  1. Jewellery Gifts (5)
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  1. Edblad (5)
  1. Shiny Stainless Steel, with Cubic zirconia crystals. (5)
  1. Deer (2)
  2. Striped (4)
  3. Forest, Tree (2)
  4. Flower /Poppy (9)
  5. Botanical, flowers (1)
  6. Circles (1)
  7. Stripes (1)
  8. Bauhaus, geometric (1)
  9. V shaped or angled (5)
  10. Bear, animal (1)
  11. Reeds, nature (1)
  12. Sky, lake (1)
  13. Forest, trees (1)
  14. Honeycombe, bees (1)
  15. Skyscrapers, Architecture, (1)
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  17. Pebble (4)
  18. Ripple (1)
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  1. 18.5 mm Large (1)
  2. Length of V - form 40 mm, width were chains are attached, 35 mm. Adjustable length, 16 - 18.5 cm (1)
  3. Long Necklace, length of V- form 46mm, width were chain attaches, 35mm. Shorter chain total length, 50 cm, longer chain total length, 80 cm. Adjustable chain, 4 cm. (1)
  4. Short necklace, length of v - form 46mm, width were chain attaches, 35 mm. Short chain total length 42.5 total length of longer chain, 45.5 cm, Adjustable chain, 2.5 cm. (1)
  5. 16 x 8 x 2 mm studs. (1)
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