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Glerups, their  passion is felt! This family run business was founded in 1993 by Danish Mother Nanny Glerup who decided to hand craft a pair of slippers using the wool from her own Gotland sheep. So loved were the slippers by family & friends, that nanny's hobby soon became a smale scale production to 2 pairs a day! Glerups was born...Nanny & her husband Ove worked hard over the years to improve these felt slippers and many machines & tools were invented & trashed to keep up with change & the growing demand for this indoor shoe. Over the years techiniques have been perfected and the newest revoluntionary material is SilkFit. The best qualities of silk & wool create a soft, extremely strong material, naturally breathable, warm & comfortable, the next step from these makers of Glerups felt shoes.

From farm to foot each slipper goes through many hands & processes from washing the wool in soft water, then carded & felted, formed into socks, which are steam-felted for a perfect fit before soft calfskin soles are glued, then sewn on, for lasting durability.

It has always been a clear objective to produce all their products with care for people and the environment. 
Glerups clean as far as possible the wool mechanically to avoid all unnecessary chemistry. Use only colors that are free of heavy metals and toxic AZO dyes. 

They buy skins from European tanneries that meet the EU's stringent environmental requirements. The skins are tanned by the most modern and environmentally friendly methods and skins are also free of PCP, AZO dyes and chrome VI.

Scandinavian style & design go into these truly crafted luxury slippers to bring you a quality product with a conscience as well as warm & comfort for all seasons.


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