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Shine bright, whatever the weather is HappySweeds philosophy. In Sweden they regard rain as a necessary evil, as we do here in the UK, but that’s no reason to look or feel gloomy just because the skies are! Founded in 2014, Swedish company HappySweeds umbrellas have gone down a storm. Their idea was sparked when they were on the Brooklyn bridge in New York and some kids were throwing paper planes, it started to pour down with rain…one of the kids unfolded the paper plane and used it for shelter. The ‘happening’ inspired HappySweeds first design. Their aim is to deliver a top – class stylish accessory, that will not only protect you from the rain but also brightens people’s rainy days. Neat, smart, classy and highly functional, it’s the whole experience rather than just trying to deliver a product. The ‘feel good’ factor is very important and a HappySweeds umbrella will certainly give you or someone else that! Rodney, the co founder of HappySweeds says, they take inspiration from everywhere around them to bring a good vibe to their umbrellas and those that have them. then they know they are on the right track! With 2 collections a year you will always make a rainy day shine bright! Choose a style to fit your lifestyle or a great luxury gift for a friend, these super cool and funky umbrella's are beautifully gift boxed and have great quality, attention to detail with sleeves for each brolly and individual style. Each umbrella design has an element of surprise and joy and will make you or a friend, stand out from the crowd. Great if it’s extra sunny to to shelter you….Gloomy to bright in a heartbeat. True to great Scandinavian design, beautifully designed and made, HappySweeds umbrellas will make a rainy day and everyone who see’s it shine bright!

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