Iittala Aino Aalto Glass Large, Clear (set of 2)

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In Stock

Iittala Aino Aalto Glass Large, Clear (set of 2)

Aino Aalto’s simple and timeless glassware collection was designed in 1932. It challenged her contemporaries to accept radically new lines and forms. Aino Aalto glassware will sit comfortably in any scenario from formal dinners to informal parties. Beautiful set of two large glasses in Clear.

 This challenging design was inspired by the rings made when a stone hits the water and this simle design has been making rings ever since it's first launch in 1932. A true test of a timeless design. Available in other colours.

Aino Aalto, wife of esteemed architect and glass designer Alvar Aalto, won the 1932 iittala-Karhula design competition in Finland and the gold prize at the Milan Triennale in 1936 for her functionalist glassware collection. Aino Aalto’s namesake design is Iittala’s oldest product and stands for the epitome of mindmade design. Aino Aalto’s glassware and dinnerware are the first glass products intentionally designed with everyday use in mind, yet adaptable for modern production methods. Developed in the true spirit of functionalism, Aino Aalto’s glassware is so simple and timeless in form it is no surprise it still graces tables around the world 80 years later. The Aino Aalto pitcher has the same beautiful ribbed sides as the rest of the Aino Aalto glassware. LIMITED STOCK


Colour: Clear Glass
Dimensions: 330 ml / 11 cm
Material: Glass

Iittala-glass is high quality, special glass, which is optically very bright. It endures chemical and mechanical wear well.

Iittala glass has been specially treated to be dishwasher safe. By following the instructions below, your Iittala glasses will bring you joy for a long time. Place the glasses on the upper level of your dishwasher so that the rims do not touch during the wash. Fill the upper level of the dishwasher with other objects, so that the spurts of water do not move the glasses. Rinse milk and buttermilk glasses with cold water before placing them in the dishwasher to prevent proteins from settling on the glasses. Use short dishwashing programs and low temperatures. It is best to hand wash delicate glasses, pitchers and jugs. Do not stack warm glasses immediately after washing as they may get stuck and break. When serving hot drinks, we recommend glasses made from special heat resistant glass. Iittala glass is not oven safe nor do we recommend you put them in the microwave.

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