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Mater, taken from the Latin name for mother, are a Danish design company that focuses not only on the fantastic designer products they produce but also how they ethically stand in the design world. They strive to make a small contribution to produce ethical and sustainable products through entreprenurial spirit and a commited and pure passion for what they believe.

Their timeless design pieces are made from recycled and FSC wood products and are primarily made in India, where they support the artisan workers and their families. Using these artisans, they can be sure the products are handmade to the highest standard but also still retain their handmade look with most products being unique. An ethical choice of material such as renewable or certified wood, recycled waste and low energy light sources is our source of inspiration. Great craftsmanship and pure materials produce quality and durability - making design that lasts a lifetime and ages beautifully, marking the passage of life.

Mater are a brand for the future not only for the timeless Danish designs they produce but also for the way they run the company as a whole. Long may this continue!

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