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Natures Collection inspires to give you the feel and charm of Nordic living.

They select the best quality raw materilas from Scandinavia and beyond to produce high quality, luxury sheepskin products. All of these sheepsins are by products of the meat trade and none are bred for their skins,  they are also from a sustainable source. These rugs are suitable for all over the home, from in front of the fire to hanging over a chair, they look great anywhere.

The Natures Collectoin brand is synonymous with nature, exclusivity and above all great Scandinavian and Nordic design.

The Icelandic sheep are a hardy breed, born wild and roaming free. The long hair protects from the elements and the short hair keeps them warm in the harsh conditions in which they live. The long hair is 15-25cm long. The Sheepskins have the wonderful look and feel and as with any natural product each one is unique.

The New Zealand sheepskins are of premium quality and selected for their density and natural sheen which produces wonderful contemporary rugs, adding texture comfort, coulour and style to your home.

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