Natures Collection Icelandic Long Haired Sheepskin Rug, Natural White

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Natures Collection Icelandic Long Haired Sheepskin Rug, Natural White

These luxury Icelandic sheepskins are a fabulous accessory for many ares of your home.

Icelandic sheep are a hardy breed, born wild and roaming freely they have adapted their coats for the harsh Icelandic weather. Their unique sheepskins mean the long hair protects them from moisture and their soft short hair keeps them warm. The long top coat is approximately 15 to 25 cms long, is a little rough in texture and wild looking, their short undercoat is soft & elastic, creating a unique textured skin. Icelandic sheepskins natural colourings vary as unlike other sheepskin from around the world they have been left to breed naturally and are 100% pure and natural in colour, so no two skins are ever the same.

Our luxurious sheepskins are 100% Nordic and 100% natural in colour, fitting beautifully with a contemporary furniture, bringing a touch of luxury and nature to your home. Use indoors or out, on chairs, benchs, sofas and the floor, these beautiful high quality, sustainably sourced  sheepskins will bring, warmth, cosiness and a luxurious tactile quality to your decor.

Colour: Natural White

Approx 90 / 100 cms these are natural skins so sizes are approximate

Material: 100% Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs. ( Length is approximate as it is a natural product)

Care: Hand wash in cold water using mild liquid detergent.  Shake to remove excess water.

Or: Dry clean only using foam for wool cleaning.

DRY: Do not tumble dry. Stretch the rug to shape while drying, dry away from sunlight and direct heat.

Regular brushing will help to maintain the soft fluffly appearance.

Minor soilings can be sponged off with a damp cloth.

Natures Collection seek to give you the feel & charm of Nordic Living. They select the best quality materials from around the globe, sourced from certified specialists and sustainable sources and production. Natures Collection are synonymous with quality, exclusivity & Nordic design & are the No: 1 distributor of sheepskins in Europe. Add a touch of luxury & nature to your home .

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