Iittala Tanssi

Tanssi means "dance" in Finnish. This stunning modern Scandinavian dinnerware range has been illustrated by the London based Finnish designer Klaus Haapaniemi. Klaus was inspired by the visual designs he created for the Finnish National Opera production of "The Cunning Little Vixen", a Czech opera by Leos Janacek. The story is about the coexistence between animals and humans and the cycle of life, captured with beautiful rich hues and colourful characters which inhabit these mystical forests and beautifully illustrated on this new tableware and textile collection. Characters such as the badger showing off his furcoat & silk pom pom shoes, the magestic deer, charming the forest with the sounds of his flute, resplendant in his red embroidered coat tails or the elegant cock and chicken parading around in their embroidered finery and the fox and vixen in their exquisite clothing dancing in the shadows of the trees. Klaus has paid homage to the wonderful world of opera with hints of Art Deco and we think a touch of Vivienne Westwood too! Add a touch of magic to your everyday with Tanssi.

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