Bring your home to life with Scandinavian contemporary and modern lighting. Be it table, floor, desk, or side lamps, pendants or shades lighting will evoke a mood, effect or look. Statement pieces that also look like a work of art or soft subtle understated designs that blend and enhance your space, you can create a real feeling of Hygge. Nordic countries really know how to design and use light, so Illuminate your home with designer classics such as le Klint or &Tradition or go for the new innovative designs from the likes of Vita, Northern lighting and more.

Whichever you choose, layer your lighting in each room to help create the best look and use for that space and your needs for different times of day. Kitchens & work areas will need task lighting with down lighting style pendants, in singles, rows or clusters. Create ambient moods in the bedroom with soft lighting from side lamps or floor lamps to evoke rest. Spotlight your home office with task direction desk or table lamps for focused close up work. If you want to make a real statement in your living room or hallway then go for a sculptural design that really catches your eye as well as shine light on your surroundings.

Whether you are looking for the latest trend pieces or a modern design classic, our selection of world and Scandinavian lighting choices will truly lighten and brighten your home bringing it to life.

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