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Shop our wide and versatile range of Scandinavian design floor lamps. Our curated selection features some of the most beautiful, functional lamps from some top Danish floor lamp designers. The best way to make a statement in any room is by its lighting and your choice of floor lamp can really make your space work for you in all situations. Scandinavian floor lamps lead the way in design and can create an ambience in you room to give the best in all situations, from dining to those special fun and festive moments we all love. Many of the fantastic floor lamps we sell are design icons in their own right. 

Depending on the way they are designed, floor lamps have the ability to really change a rooms look and feel, so to be able to create different moods at different times. Most of our lamps are directional, so you have the ability to use them as uplights, downlights and of course reading lights.

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