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Soft furnishings are the finishing touches we bring in to our home to create the ambience we all require. Luxury and quality are two ways to describe the Scandinavian accessories we stock, designer products with classic colours, patterns and textures. So when you are looking for those finishing touches, we here at Cloudberry Living have a beautifully curated selection of modern and contemporary home accessories for your home.

One of the most important home accessories every home needs is a selection of cushions, from patterned cushions to block to colour, they all have their place on sofas and beds to bring life and comfort to your room. We have a wide range of modern cushions in modern fabrics, from wool to cotton and silk, all made to the highest standards by our Scandinavian design brands. Amazing quality contemporary cushions from Lapuan Kankurit, Marimekko, Elvang and Ferm Living, these are all top Scandi design brands you will love to have adourning your interior.

We are an official dealer for Swedish plastic rug icons Pappelina and hold a fantastic stock here in the UK, so look no further. There selection of plastic rugs is the best and most diverse in the world, brilliantly versatile as they are suitable for anywhere in the home. They are a truly contemporary and modern runner rug by design and material and are perfect for use as a hallway runner, in the bathroom as a bath mat and one of the very few runners suitable for outdoor use. Pappelina rugs don't fade or rot unlike any other material and can be washed down or even put in a machine.

If you are looking for a more traditional material and style then our contemporary design rugs from Linie Design of Denmark are a great choice. All hand made in India to the highest of standards by master craftsmen, these statement modern rugs are fit as a centrepeice for any home. True Scandinavian design style is apparent in all Linie Design rugs, like Tile, Colmena, Combination and Lucens, all in stunning shades and colours and varied sizes to suit.

Who can resist a lovely blanket or throw for your home? Cloudberry Living stock beautiful Scandinavian design wool and cotton blankets and throws in varied stunning designs and block colours. Perfect for your sofa or bed, some to match our lovely Scandiavian bedding from By Nord and Marimekko maybe?

Mix and match from our collection to create your own unique style and look and create something really special and personal for your home.

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