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Investing in a new floor rug or runner is not only a practical solution but can really enhance the different areas around your home. We specialise in designer contemporary and modern rugs and runners with extensive designs and materials to choose from. Our brands include Linie Design, Pappelina, Natures Collection, Linum and Ferm Living.

Many great modern rug styles from plain and simple to bold or bright designs will bring individuality and personality to your home. Our ever popular Scandinavian plastic rugs and runners from Pappelina of Sweden, made from super soft eco plastic, handwoven in Sweden, are so versatile they will suit any room in your home, bathroom, kitchen and hallway alike, as they are non- slip and UV resistant. With their huge range of styles and sizes you can really make a statement with each one you choose, amazingly they are also perfect for outdoor use!

Linie Design of Denmark are one of the largest producers of rugs in Scandinavia. Traditionally handmade by weaving, tufting and knotting in India by master craftsmen, Linie Designs rugs are of the highest quality. Their Scandinavian designers produce some of the best contemporary and modern designs available from Scandinavia and are known across the globe. They invest in the local area and infastructure in India and keep alive the fantastic tradition of rug making by looking after the rug makers and their families, so this tradition can continue. Here at Cloudberry Living, we have chosen some of the best contemporary design rugs they supply.

Here at Cloudberry Living we also stock a collated selection of natural sheepskin rugs from Iceland and New Zealand from the established company, Natures Collection of Denmark. We have bought together different styles to give a great choice, both long and short haired. All of these rugs are by products of other industries and are not bred for their skins. They are of a beautiful quality and are a very strong Scandinavian design look. These sheepskin rugs can be used on the floor as rugs and also as throws on sofas, chairs and beds.

If you want a more traditional material then our soft cotton rugs and runners in various style such as bold chunky stripes can add a real pop of colour or keep to our soft neutral palettes to blend right in to give that cool contemporary Scandinavian design look. Affordable and practical, rugs and runners will really bring your floors to life and coordinate your whole home décor, now you just have to choose…

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