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Skagerak are a family owned and run Danish company with strong and historic Scandinavian homeware and furniture design roots. Wood as a material to design with is one of their passions and with this they have developed into a modern Scandi brand with contemporary products.Their wide range of interior and exterior products speak highly of the established and up and coming designers they use to develop the ever expanding range.

Skagerak's vision is to create products with a long lifespan by virtue of aesthetic and functional qualities which is how they define sustainability.Their products are made to last, age well and accumulate their own character through their age. They set their own bar high and when designing pieces they are thinking years into the future so the products will still be as relevant in 20 yers time as they are today. all are produced with style, craftsmanship, sustainability and warmth to enhance our everyday whether it be inside or out, furniture or accessories.

They have strong responsible production relations and support and adhere to the UN 10 principles for CSR and only use legally sourced timber. Skagerak are commited to creating beautiful, timeless and functional Scandinavian furniture and accessories for everyday life.

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