Skandinavisk Jul Scented Candle,(Christmas)


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Skandinavisk Jul Scented Candle,(Christmas)

Skandinavisk Jul scented candle is the essence of Christmas., rituals, myths and magic. A warm rich spicy scent, fragrant notes of cinnamon, cloves, baked gingerbread, melting honey & warming glogg. Typical flavours & aromas of a traditional Scandinavian Christmas. This rich red frosted glass votive encapsulates the essence of Christmas to lift & warm the soul & create a little "hygge". A perfect gift that keeps on giving even after 50 hours of  yuletide fragrance scenting and filling your home, you can use the glass votive. Each candle also has a beech wood engraved lid to snuff out the candle and use as a coaster for it when lit.

 Scandinavians burn more candles than any other nation so they are expert at creating great scents and candles to enhance your everyday living. These are great gifts that last. Made from a unique blend of perfumes created in the world famous Grasse region,  made from a vegetable wax blend with a base of  sustainably sourced RSPO - certified palm with a 100% cotton wick. These are hand - poured into painted glass votives and will burn for up to 50 hours and Gift Boxed. GOD JUL.




Colour: Red
A blend of perfume and sustainably-sourced vegetable waxes.
The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for up to 50 hours.

Painted glass votive with a engraved beechwood lid from FSC-sourced European forests.

Weigth  200 g / 7 oz
Diameter  7,9 cm / 3,11 in
Height  9,6 cm / 3,77 in

Use & Reuse 
The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for up to 50 hours, and the painted glass votive glows colorfully when lit. Wash and re-use the glass votives for tealights. 

Made in Portugal
Top Tip: The first time you light the candle let it burn long enough to get the entire top liquid wax, this will prevent tunnelling.
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